Bridal Wedding Gown Beaded Appliques - Appliques with Pearls for Bridal Wedding Gown Hems etc.

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Wedding Bridal Gown Pearl and Sequin Appliques. Beaded Appliques, Fabric, and Trims From Recycled Wedding Gown  66-209/211.

Bridal wedding gown seamstress and bridal wedding crafters take note. Exceptional offer of recycled Venus Bridal gown appliques, skirt and train lining and more because of rip on the front of the gown. The appliques are white with many pearls and sequins.
Make a dress for the flower girl or a christening gown or communion dress.
You are not buying the gown as shown. It has been taken apart and now consists of 114 appliques, approximately 8 yards of 9" high (top to bottom) scalloped hem appliques, complete bottom lining, trimmed appliqued front and back bodice without sleeves. Zipper is included.

I am offering these appliques at this low price because I'd like someone to be able to use them. Someone making a wedding gown or crafters making wedding pillows, or shawls, photo albums and the like will save quite a lot of money.   

The gown has been completely taken apart and the appliques were taken off the skirt, train and sleeves, trying to keep the larger pieces intact. There are 114 appliques, total including those that individually make arrangements of 20" x 13", 13"x5.5", 25"x10", 17"X11", 16"x10", 5.5"x6", 13"x16", just from the skirt, train and sleeves. All those over 5.5"x6" can easily be snipped apart to make smaller pieces. They are made up of several 5.5"x6" appliques along with smaller appliques. I didn't count or measure the smaller ones. Many appliques are mirror images.
There is a length of approximately eight yards of scalloped appliqued pearls and sequins in one continuous circular piece measuring 9" wide matching the above. This was taken from the hem. It can be used to lengthen a gown.
The lining of the entire bottom of the gown including train lining part of the gown is also available. If you are making a gown this will save you lots of time and money. The waist now measures 49.5 inches. Gather it to fit. It goes to a vee in the center top and has opening for zipper in the back. The length measured from waist to hem at center front is 38.5". Back train measured from waist to hem at back is 87.5". The width of the train measured from front bottom hem is approximately 98" wide. There is a flat tulle layer on top of the entire lining that is easily removable if you wish. Add your own plain satin or lace fabric using this as a pattern and you will have the bottom part of a long trained wedding gown, complete with full lining.  Stitch the 9" hem appliques on the bottom.  Even if you don't use the rest of the appliques you are saving a great deal of money.
The front and back bodice appliques have been trimmed of fabric but is one piece with all the appliques tacked together as they were on the gown. I left it this way to give an idea of how they would be placed on another plain gown. They too are easily taken apart. The bodice is lined.
Everything is clean and unstained.  $150. + $35 Shipping & Handling.
4 inch appliques have been trimmed and removed from gown fabric after photo.

Venus Bridal Gown

Bodice front before removal of skirt and sleeves and trimming to one applique.

9" appliques on hem. 8 yards long. Trimmed and removed from gown fabric after photo taken.

6 inch x 6 inch appliques have been trimmed and removed from gown fabric after photo was taken.

Gown back

Sleeves before removing and trimming appliques.


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